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Keisha Evans, a dedicated advocate and researcher, has made significant literary contributions across various platforms. Her extensive body of work includes articles in academic journals and pieces in media outlets, all highlighting critical social issues. Keisha's publications range from empowering literature for women, insightful discussions on the over-policing of Black youth, to educational materials on children's consent. Her debut children's book, "Consent: Deal With It Before Boundaries Get Crossed," released in March 2020, exemplifies her commitment to educating and empowering young minds. Through her research, Keisha delves into the invisibility of Black girls in education, offering comprehensive analysis and actionable recommendations. She employs Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Black Feminist Theory (BFT) to address systemic challenges such as violence, sexism, and exploitation, aiming to enhance the educational experiences and overall well-being of Black girls. Explore her published works to gain deeper insights into these pivotal issues and her proposed solutions.


LWL Publishing House

Child & Youth Services

Volume 41 Issue 3, 2020

Galvanizing Solidarity Through Chaos: Policing, Surveillance and the Impact of COVID-19 on Black Canadian Youth


Rakuten Kobo

Coaching Black students across the finish line

Lorimer, 2020

Deal with it before boundaries get crossed



Black students at the TDSB now have access to graduation coaches

Relational Child and Youth Care Practice

Volume 32 Issue 1, 2019

The Invisibility of Black Girls in Education

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