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KAME Consulting is a Toronto-based business and community development consulting firm with over 30 years of combined experience. We specialize in supporting community organizations with the implementation of new and enhanced processes and procedures for effective service delivery. Our goal is to empower businesses, non-profits, community-based organizations, and individual professionals by providing them with tools and resources for growth and excellence.

At KAME Consulting, we understand the importance of having community-based organizations that are equipped and informed on the values of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). We strive to provide culturally responsive services to children, youth, families, and marginalized communities. Our team of consultants has diverse skill sets and professional backgrounds, with expertise in project management, research analysis, community and organizational development, and non-profit board governance policy review and strategic planning.


We pride ourselves on our commitment to equity, social justice, and collective empowerment. Our approach is rooted in community-based research that promotes advocacy and the creation of more equitable and inclusive environments. We use an anti-racist and anti-oppression framework to challenge systemic inequities and center the needs of marginalized communities. Through consultation, reflection, and continuous learning, we help organizations transform their systems and institutions to be more equitable and just.

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Keisha Ann-Marie Evans, RSW, MSW

Keisha Ann-Marie Evans is a dedicated author, educator, and advocate with over 15 years of experience in education, equity, youth work, community engagement, program development, and advocacy. Born in Jamaica, she migrated at a young age and has since become a powerful voice for marginalized and racialized groups, particularly within the Black community. Keisha holds a Master's degree in Social Work and a Bachelor's degree in Child and Youth Care Practitioner.


As an educator, Keisha works with Ontario's largest school board to support African, Afro-Caribbean, and Black (ACB) students and their families. Her work focuses on enhancing academic achievement, social-emotional growth, post-secondary access, and career planning. Keisha has developed and implemented strategic social programs and curricula that use an anti-racist and social justice approach, aiming to improve the schooling experience for Black students and ease the emotional distress triggered by systemic issues for their families and communities.

In addition to her role as an educator, Keisha is the Principal of KAME Consulting, where she leverages her extensive experience to provide tailored business consultation services to corporate, nonprofit, and community-based organizations. She develops business plans, strategic planning, workshop development, and implementation while fostering a culture of continuous improvement. Keisha's entrepreneurial spirit and strategic thinking have made her a valuable asset to the businesses she consults with, guiding clients through a range of business goals, including increasing diversity, implementing long-term planning, and utilizing data to identify opportunities for growth.

Keisha is a staunch advocate for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI), believing in the importance of these principles in all aspects of community and organizational work. She uses her platform to foster these practices, imparting her knowledge and insights to communities and organizations seeking to implement or strengthen equity-based, inclusive practices. Keisha works in collaborative partnerships with associates knowledgeable in community development, research, and social justice issues impacting the ACB communities.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Keisha is a devoted mother who enjoys travelling with her family to explore new foods and sample international cuisines. Keisha's mission is to bridge the gaps that create vulnerabilities for marginalized communities, empower ACB women, and support youth shelters in their mental health initiatives. She has facilitated literacy programs for Black mothers and developed programs for youth organizations within Ontario that support Black children and youth with their academic pathways and life skills. Through her work, Keisha Evans continues to be a beacon of hope and a catalyst for change within her community.


The annual Viola Desmond Awards and Bursary Program celebrates the outstanding achievements of Black women who demonstrate that they are positive role models and advocates of the Black/African-Canadian community. 

The Viola Desmond Awards Honouree and Recipient Relations Subcommittee honours Keisha Evans for her commitment to making opportunities and success accessible to all, making her a leader in entrepreneurship, creativity, self-determination and Black excellence as Viola Desmond’s legacy represents. 



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