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KAME Story


KAME Consulting has empowered businesses, non-profits, community-based organizations and individual professionals by providing them with tools and resources for growth and excellence. Led by founder and Principal Consultant, Keisha Ann-Marie Evans, KAME Consulting offers a suite of business and personal development services that include community development and engagement; bespoke strategies and programming; executive and employee coaching; and individual counselling and mentorship.



purpose-driven businesses and ambitious individuals in pursuing excellence and continuous improvement.

KAME Vision
KAME Mission


the impact of corporations, non-profit organizations, individuals and community-based groups by developing and delivering customized business consultation services and culturally specific programs and resources catered to clients, stakeholders, and objectives.

To empower ambitious individuals to fulfill their personal and professional potential through career and educational programming, one-on-one counselling, and business mentorship.


Keisha Ann-Marie Evans, MSW, CYC, CYW

Advocate, Author, Trailblazer: Strengthening Youth, Families & Communities


Keisha Ann-Marie Evans has built her professional expertise and entrepreneurial ventures centred around a life-long commitment to improving the world around her. As founder and principal consultant of KAME Consulting, Keisha channels her affinity for strategic thinking, creative solutions, and compassionate service to support individuals, foster community development and set businesses and organizations on the path to success.

Professionally, Keisha wears many hats - family and youth counsellor, academic coach, business strategist, and EDI consultant - a reflection of her broad interests and numerous talents. What ties her many skills together is a commitment to making opportunities and success accessible to all. Evans is particularly dedicated to strengthening communities and encouraging growth and equity, equipping leaders and decision-makers with the tools to address social issues and disparities faced by equity-deserving groups.

Keisha has a natural entrepreneurial spirit that has made her a strategic asset to the businesses she consults with, guiding clients through a range of business goals, including increasing diversity, implementing long-term planning, and utilizing data to identify opportunities for growth.

Keisha’s formal education in social work has also allowed her to contribute meaningfully to the success of individuals, especially youth and their families. A trusted educator, mentor and skilled facilitator, Keisha works tirelessly to guide students on a trajectory to academic success and self empowerment through the delivery of engaging and transformative programming at the TDSB. She has conducted research on the invisibility of Black girls in education and is also a sought after subject matter expert on anti-Black racism in education.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Keisha is a devoted mother who enjoys travelling with her family to explore new foods and sample international cuisines. She also finds time to pursue her love of writing, publishing her debut children’s book, Consent: Deal with it before boundaries get crossed, in March 2020.



The annual Viola Desmond Awards and Bursary Program celebrates the outstanding achievements of Black women who demonstrate that they are positive role models and advocates of the Black/African-Canadian community. 

The Viola Desmond Awards Honouree and Recipient Relations Subcommittee honours Keisha Evans for her commitment to making opportunities and success accessible to all, making her a leader in entrepreneurship, creativity, self-determination and Black excellence as Viola Desmond’s legacy represents. 



Math Homework

KAME Consulting provides a range of research services using performance metrics to improve your understanding of the trends and characteristics shaping your business environment. Our consultants examine and evaluate findings based on meaningful data and analysis to deliver insights that will allow you to make informed and intentional business decisions.

Business Plan

Whatever your organization’s mission, KAME Consulting will prepare you to pursue it with strategic planning, tailored to align your stakeholders’ expectations and desired business outcomes. Our expert consultants will support you in developing practical strategies, measurable metrics for progress, and a diverse and inclusive environment that fosters growth. Our planning services also include mechanisms to support internal and external accountability, transparency, and participation within your organization.

Team Meeting

Develop your organization’s greatest asset with employee and executive training programs that are aligned with your organizational values, objectives, and culture. Our consultants will develop and facilitate team-building and leadership exercises, impactful engagement strategies, and group training that both educate your team members on what it takes to fulfill their roles effectively and inspire them to put their best foot forward every day.

Presentations and Keynotes

KAME’s consultants deliver effective and engaging keynotes and presentations on a broad range of business topics. We’ve mastered a number of proven presentation tools and techniques that create an open and engaging environment, encourage critical reflection, and foster learning and development. Whether you are seeking to develop your employee’s skills, enhance your organizational culture, or educate and inspire your team, our consultants will tailor an approach to achieve your goals and enhance your organization’s strengths and address areas for improvement.


Classmates in Library
Career Coaching Support

KAME Consulting offers customized educational program development and facilitation, mentorship, and one-to-one coaching to foster educational or career success. Our youth coaching is designed to improve academic achievement, prepare for post-secondary access, plan for future careers, cultivate social-emotional growth, and strengthen skills in goal setting, organization, and time management.

Our full suite of career development services include:

● Confidence Coaching
● Facilitative Coaching
● Transformational Coaching
● Academic Tutoring/Coaching
● Interview Preparation
● Resume and Cover Letter Development

Mentorship & Counselling

KAME Consulting provides practical and emotional support and targeted programming to assist the individual in reaching their full potential. By building on existing skills and knowledge, our consultants promote a growth mindset to help identify passions and purpose and leverage that desire to build on life and executive functioning skills.

Our youth mentorship and counselling services include:

● One-to-one Mentoring/Group Mentoring
● Case Management
● Community Outreach
● Education Counselling

Support Group
Family at Airport Gate
Individual, Family and Community Engagement & Advocacy

KAME Consulting advocates for healthy and supportive environments for children, youth, and families by strengthening ties to community partners and stakeholders. When you enlist our advocacy services, you can trust that your family or clients will be engaged, supported, and informed on decisions as you navigate the education system and other institutions. Our well-established relationships with community organizations and our expertise in community engagement and development ensure you’ll get access to high-quality resources that meet the academic, behavioural/emotional and developmental needs of the youth in your care.

KAME Consulting’s Advocacy services include:

● Peer Advocacy
● Community Outreach
● Behaviour/Learning Strategies
● Transition Planning



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